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Make Homes Smarter and Safer: Partner with SureBright for Smart Home & Network Appliance Protection

Our comprehensive coverage plans ensure that customers' smart devices and network appliances are safeguarded against malfunctions and technical issues. With SureBright as your trusted partner, you can provide customers with peace of mind, reinforcing their confidence in creating a smarter and safer home environment.

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Partnership with Multiple Benefits

Revenue Boost

Boost Average-Order-Value (AOV) by 10% - 20%

Customer Loyalty

Your customers are your investors. Offer them a way to protect their investments. 

Multichannel Support

Bundle Protection Plans at all Point of Sales (Online or Offline)

1. Partnership on First Name basis

Ever download a Shopify or WooCommerce app only to be completely lost? Benefit from a dedicated Client Success Manager you'll know by name. No coding effort required from your end.

2. Single Click Revenue Driver

Shoppers of your store can opt to attach a product warranty on the product page. If they pass, six post-sale touch points prompt the warranty upsell.

3. Strongest Insurance Partners

SureBright has aligned with the strongest insurance carriers in North America allowing for the best policies and prices in the market.

4. Perfect Technology Kit for you 

Customer friendly Web Portals to help you record your offline sales and keep a strong grip on your revenue with powerful analytics

Why partner with

Offload the busy work. SureBright handles claims submissions. 

Reduce operational costs with our easy-breezy claims portal.

With our live chat support, your shopper can submit claims with SureBright. The process has never been so smooth.


If your customer has a claim to submit, they can chat with SureBright's live support team to resolve their claim.


We respond between 8am and 6pm EST, Monday - Friday or leave us a message in the chat. 

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2 options to get in touch:

Submit a question form below OR book 30-minutes using our booking link.

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